LTD “AGROFIT”, was founded in 2001. The main activity of the enterprise is the growing and the realization of the peppermint. Our roughstock is used in pharmacy and food industry. The Enterprise “ AGROFIT”, is one of the biggest producers of the given products in Ukraine. We deliver our roughstock to the leading enterprises in Ukraine and we are the exclusive delivers of the peppermint to the given enterprises. The high quality and the system of flexible prices of our product give us an opportunity to occupy the leading place in the Ukrainian market. The development of the given market segment, this is the production of phyto-tea, medical goods, other products based on the phyto-roughstock, allows us to increase the production every year. Having worked for ten years we have founded our own technologies of growing the peppermint, the gained experience and the team of like-minded persons, working at our enterprise, allow us to get the constable increasing results. We follow all the innovations in agriculture carefully and we do our best to use all the innovative technologies in our production.